About Us

Welcome to CS:GO Bros! The site that lists all your favorite CS:GO betting sites where you are able to place bets on CS:GO and gamble with your skins. Are you interested in betting pre-match or live on a CS:GO match or tournament? Well then we have the CS:GO odds betting sites for you. If you’d rather try your luck in CS:GO case opening sites where you also can gamble with your own skins, then you find information about that as well here on CSGOBros.com.

What we also do is keeping track on tournament standings, news and videos about the game. So we got you covered no matter what you are looking for. Betting on Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been increasing more and more recently. Because of this reason, CS:GO Bros was created to offer you the best deals out there on the market, all gathered in the same place. We continuously update the site with news and information from various tournaments, upload the best CS:GO videos out there and make sure to keep offers up-to-date.

We have been browsing the web ourselves. There is not much information out there that is relevant about the game in betting sectors. Therefore we wanted to take it upon ourselves to make a site of our own where we would provide our users all this information for them that we have missed when looking. We also believe in having a bunch of information all gathered all in the same place. That way it would be easier to navigate to what you’re looking for. On our website you will find anything related to CS:GO. No matter if it is to bet skins/or on odds, or just to read information about the game itself. We also run our own CS:GO YouTube channel where we upload videos of ourselves playing the game etc. Should you be interested in supporting us, you can check us out the channel: TheSatyrikon

Here on our website you will also find information about upcoming and ongoing tournaments in the Counter-strike competitive scene. The page is regularly updated accordingly for the respective parts of the site.